Pool Covers & Solar Blanket

Energy saving Pool Covers and Solar Blankets.


Depending on the climate and rainfall in your area, an average pool will lose between 100 and 200 litres of water every day. Pools loose about 70°/o of their heat through water evaporation from the pool surface. They also loose around 20% of heat radiating into the air.


Solar Blankets will help to raise temperature as the air inside the bubbles is rapidly warmed by the sun, transferring heat to your pool water. Your solar blanket works harder to make your pool warmer. Blankets can prevent up to 90% of this is air-borne rubbish from getting into your pool. This reduces stress on your filter and cleaning equipment giving it longer life. Another important benefit of a solar pool blanket is it will help keep pool chemicals in the water. Solar blankets can reduce chemical and salt loss by up to 50%.


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Pool covers and Solar Blankets